Monday, January 2, 2012

Western Fictioneers New Vice-President

Western Fictioneers is composed of writers who love what they’re doing and who believe in the literature of the old west. It’s an honor for me to serve as vice-president of a professional organization that’s devoted to keeping the traditional western alive. 

Stories of the west have been entertaining readers since the days of James Fenimore Cooper, and all of us here believe that western fiction is just as compelling ever. We have already produced a fine anthology of western tales. There’s a lot more to come in 2012, so look for some exciting announcements in the months ahead.

Membership in Western Fictioneers is open to professional authors who have written Westerns, as well as fans of the genre who can join as patron members. If you’d like to join our group and be a part of the fun, you can find the requirements at We welcome everyone who shares our interests and our love of traditional western fiction.
Bill Crider
Western Fictioneers Vice-President 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Western Fictioneers New President

Western Fictioneers is a professional organization for authors who work in the genre of the traditional western. Our goal is to promote the kinds of stories we love to write (and read); the western is the Great American Story, our unique history and mythology, and it remains as relevant as it ever was.

Western Fictioneers has a lot of exciting, even daring, projects in the works for the coming year. If you love westerns like I do, I guarantee you're going to love what we have in store for you, both individually and collectively.

I was honored to be in on the ground floor when this great organization was formed in 2010. I am even more honored to have been elected its second president, for 2012, succeeding the award-winning author Frank Roderus.

You will find in our ranks some very familiar names- some of the best in the business, past or present. You will also find some bright new stars in the western firmament, who may well join your list of personal favorites. So mount up and ride along with us, partners- you'll be glad you did.

Troy D. Smith
Western Fictioneers President 2012