Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sample - Wolf Creek: Kiowa Vengeance

The six-man Kiowa scouting party came down on the Manning ranch like a wolf on the fold.
Roy Manning and his younger brother, Hal, had been about to go looking for a couple of strays. They’d just ridden out of the barn when Hal got an arrow through the throat. He made a gurgling sound and clutched his neck with both hands. Blood spurted between his fingers, and his horse broke into a run, throwing Hal’s body off about twenty yards away.
A ball from an 1866 Henry Yellow Boy blew a hole in Roy’s heart, and he pitched from the saddle, dead before he hit the dirt.
Two of the Kiowa warriors jumped from their horses and drew their knives. One cut away Roy’s scalp while the other was busy stripping Hal to remove his genitals.
The other four warriors had already stormed into the house, where Sue Manning was trying to hide her son and two young daughters. A warrior knocked her to the floor with one blow, while the other three dealt with the screaming children. All the surviving Mannings were dragged outside.
They killed the boy first, then held Sue while they raped her daughters. She’d fainted long before they got to her.
When the warriors rode away from the ranch, no one was left alive. And in that, they were lucky. The scouting party, steeped in blood, headed northeast, toward the road where the stage from Wichita would be heading for Wolf Creek.

This Sample is from the opening chapter by Bill Crider. Crider is a native Texan and former college teacher and administrator living in scenic Alvin, Texas, near enough to the Texas Gulf Coast to have been through two hurricanes. He has written around seventy-five novels in various genres, including both standalone westerns under his own name and series western novels under various house names. His mystery novels featuring Sheriff Dan Rhodes have been appearing just about every year since 1986. He has been nominated for the Edgar Award and the Shamus Award for his novels, and He won the Anthony and Derringer Awards for his short crime fiction. His wife, Judy, is his proofreader and constant inspiration. They make a great partnership. If you want to learn more about them, check out Bill's website at or follow his blog at


  1. This Wolf Creek series is about as good as it gets in gritty, down-to-earth Westerns. I'm proud to have a little part in them.

  2. I downloaded the book last night and had to force myself to put it down. Wow! that is some opening! Well done, Bill. And well done all.

  3. Whew! That opening is something else, Bill! Great job hooking the reader right in, and the rest of the book is gripping as well. I truly enjoyed this one and am looking forward to #3!

  4. Wow--what an opening!

    I'm gonna gallop on over and purchase my copy straightaway!

    Mean Pete