Friday, September 13, 2019

Top 10 Western Websites, Blogs and Newsletters 2019

Did you know that our own Western Fictioneers blog is #1 in the Top 20 Western Fiction Blogs, Websites and Newsletters to Follow in 2019?

I was surfing the net, as a writer will do, looking for new and interesting information on our favorite topic, and I came across this article.

This gave me an idea for a useful blog post of my own, so I present my …
Top 10 Old West Blogs, Websites and Newsletters (in no particular order):

A good bit of information about Native Americans and cowboys, including a list of good museums you can visit. I’m a little disappointed that they’ve let their YouTube video channel lapse, but you can browse the written material on the site for inspiration.

A UK-based website whose author enjoys reviewing Western fiction. They review around three books a month, and it’s a good place to get a taste of what’s new in Western fiction.

A huge website with sections about American History, Destinations, and even Ghost Stories. This is often my first stop when I’m researching the Old West.

With sections like Inside History, True Westerners and Heritage Travel, almost anyone can find something of interest on this website. They post about 14 times a week.

Our own James Reasoner gives us information about books, movies, and other matters of Western-related interest. 

“We use print, internet, radio and television to give you the experience of the authentic Old West.” This is a rather eccentric website that reminds me of a rummage in your Grandma’s attic. For $30 (USA) or $50 (other countries), you receive 12 twenty-page newspapers composed of actual articles from the 1800’s. You can also purchase an e-subscription for $20 a year, listen to radio shows on CD, and even order some Arbuckles Ariosa coffee. 

This is a blog dedicated to Western movies and books from the 1950’s. The author is writing a book with the same title, endeavoring to bring to light 50 of the less-well-known movies of the period. Interesting reading.

“True stories, tall tales, and memorabilia of the Old West.”

“The blog that brings you the latest news about Western movies, TV, radio, and print.” 

These folks have another huge website, but it covers all historical fiction, from the prehistoric era to the 20thCentury. They have a good section with information about Western fiction.

If I’ve left out your favorite website or blog, please leave me a comment with a link so we can enjoy yours, too!

J.E.S. Hays


  1. This weekly Western History Blog is taken from my website: The History Riders blog page is:
    Doc Boyle

  2. Very helpful list, JES! I didn't see any contact email on the blog here, but I'm trying to get the word out about my Oct 1st novel release, Lady Law and the Texas DeRangers. It's a zany adventure and romance.

    I talk more about it in this brief video:

    I'm an experienced educational writer, so I would be happy to write up a blog post on my research if you're interested.

    Hope to hear from you!

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