Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Some Questions for the Future

Post by Doris McCraw aka Angela Raines

Photo (c) Doris McCraw

We are getting closer to the middle of 2023. It is usually a time of reflection for me. I take stock of where I am in my writing, publishing, and marketing. 

In line with that concept, I would appreciate feedback on what you would like to read in my blog posts. As a student of Colorado and Women's History and pretty much an expert on Early Women Doctors in Colorado, which of these three topics would be the most useful to you?

Would you like more marketing information?

Photo (c ) Doris McCraw

Is there interest in joining together to create a series of short 'novels' that tie together on a theme, time frame, or event?

Where would you like to see Western Fictioneers go in the future? 

What can I do as I finish my time as President to help make sure this blog and the organization continue to be a vibrant community? Please know, it does take a village to make things happen. 

Your feedback will help me to craft the remainder of 2023. 

We are getting ready to announce the Peacemaker winners and I want to say, it was a banner year and judging was some of the hardest I've faced. I want to thank everyone who submitted their work. It tells me the genre of the Western is alive and well. We just need to make sure the rest of the world knows what we know, these stories are the stories of not only the past but are a glimpse into the lives we live now.

Thank you each and every one for a great first half of 2023.

Until Next Time: Stay safe, Stay happy, and Stay healthy.




  1. I've enjoyed editing our two most recent anthologies and am hopeful we can publish a third in 2024. A novel, with separate chapters penned by different authors might also be fun.

    1. Thank you for the feedback.
      I love the anthologies you've edited and like you hope we can do one in 2024. The 'Wolf Creek' series was similar to the chapter idea. I've seen it done and it can be quite exciting. Something to look into. Doris

  2. The WF anthologies have been terrific, and very helpful to me professionally as well as personally enjoyable. The themed-novel idea might be fun, too. I know Cheryl Pierson is involved in something like that, and it seems like a great idea. Marketing efforts--all of us trying to promote one another's work along with our own--would be great. We're all competitors, but we're all in this boat together and if we can raise awareness and interest in the genre, we'll all benefit.

    1. Jeff, Thank you for the feedback it is so useful and I'm keeping a list. We'll see what the rest of the year brings. Doris

  3. oris McCraw,

    Please consider publishing an anthology of short stories by different WF writers TWICE A YEAR.

    The writers would sign a contract that they would be paid zero royalties and that any royalties received would go to WF. After one year, second rights return to the writer and they could then publish the story in any manner they desire. The writer gets free exposure and credit, and Western Fictioneers benefits by not having to keep cumbersome accounting procedures or payments to authors. I see this as a win-win for all member of this group.

    I am sure there are many writers that would be willing to do this. Those that are unwilling do not have to submit short stories to the twice annual WF ANTHOLOGY.

    Writers technically do not lose. They get free recognition and credit. After one year they can seek publication under second rights, and receive royalties elsewhere.

    PLEASE CONSIDER publication of two anthologies each year by WF, with all royalties going to WF. The benefits are recognition and credits both for WF and the AUTHOR.

    Thank you,

    Charlie Steel

    1. Charlie, thank you. I love how you thought out and offered some good ideas. We'll see what how things work out. I appreciate it. Doris

  4. We used to publish a series of shared-world novels called Wolf Creek. Those were always fun but I'm not sure how well they sold so that may have been why we stopped doing them.

    I'd love to keep up the anthologies because it's such a good way for readers to be introduced to new Western authors they may not otherwise notice.

    I'd love marketing advice, too!

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I'm keeping a list of ideas and see where time and help take me. Doris

  5. Doris, those Wolf Creek books were so much fun to do, but they were a TON of work for Troy. I'm not sure how much money they made -- certainly not enough for the work that went into them for HIM, because he was having to come up with the overall premise for each story, assign the characters that would be included in that story in the 6 chapters or so for each book, and oversee that storyline to be sure it all meshed together and worked like it needed to.

    Putting together a book with everyone writing a different chapter is really tough. And it has to come out just right or that is the end of the project--people won't be interested anymore if it falls flat.

    While I love that concept and truly enjoyed working on the Wolf Creek series, I understand that it can be all consuming to "get it right" and readers are very unforgiving, so one miscalculation can be the end of the entire thing. We really put out some quality Wolf Creek publications and I truly enjoyed working on those and reading them all! Still so grateful to Troy Smith for making all that happen.

    I love the anthologies that have been a part of WF for so many years and give everyone a chance to publish and submit their story for the Peacemaker award.

    Many thanks to Livia for all her behind the scenes work she does to make all that possible, and for working her voodoo for all these years. I love the themed anthologies, but also just the ones that allow western stories about any subject, too. Heck, I just love anthologies. LOL

    You've got me thinking now, Doris!

  6. Cheryl, I knew Troy was the mastermind and that is wasn't easy. I'm also glad that I have mentioned ideas that may generate even more success for the organization and the members.
    I also know that there are people like Livia and Richard along with yourself who have done so much for everyone. Thank you to you and all the others I may not have mentioned. Doris

    1. Thanks, Doris. I want to also say how much I appreciate all the work you put in, too. It really does take a village to keep things going!

  7. I appreciate the work that goes on "behind the scenes" in WF. I don't post much, but I keep up via email. I don't like the idea of each writer having a chapter in a book. I like the other ideas, though. I think setting up a guide for authors and letting those interested write a "stand alone" book or novella that fits the guide is a good idea.
    I especially appreciate marketing information. It changes so rapidly that it is hard tay current. Thanks for your willingness to help others in the group, Doris!

    1. Caroline, others have helped me along the way. It's the least I can do. There is so much talent in this group and I want to make sure their work gets to the largest audience possible.
      I'm keeping track of the resposes and we'll see where it takes us. Thanks for adding to the conversation. Doris