Wednesday, March 18, 2015


In this day and age, we’re all looking for a bargain to make our dollars stretch just a little bit farther, aren’t we? It seems that’s especially true in reading, for me, because I don’t have time to go to the library…and I must confess, I’m a pretty slow reader. So, having that ultimatum hanging over me to return-a-book-within-a-certain-time-period-or-else just makes me nervous. It did when I was a kid, too.

Have you seen this State Farm Insurance commercial? Where the two girls are looking for a bargain? Take a second and watch--it always makes me smile.

So, speaking of bargains, I'm very thankful for e-readers and computers! Because now, you can get a whole lotta great reading served up electronically for a mere .99 and it’s YOURS! No returning it to the library, or hurrying to have to finish it…it’s there forever, added to your cyber library.

The first of the .99 books I want to talk about today is our own WF publication THE TRADITIONAL WEST. What a wonderful collection of western stories to entertain, make you think, and plain ol’ enjoy. This anthology is special to me because it was the first WF publication my stories were included in. My contribution, The Kindness of Strangers, was one I truly enjoyed writing—because it has a wonderful twist in it. I brought in a little paranormal help, but I think it’s a story you’ll enjoy reading—and I’m sure proud to be included in this treasure trove of western short stories!

Another great .99 bargain is the first book of the WOLF CREEK series, created by Troy Smith. What a wonderful, fun time we had putting that book together! Oh, it was a little harrowing at times, I’m sure, for Troy—but he pulled it off beautifully, and that was the book that launched the series. Snap it up and get started on the Wolf Creek series for some great western reading if you haven’t already done so. WOLF CREEK: BOOK 1 BLOODY TRAIL is one exciting lift-off to a great series!

For those of you who enjoy a little romance in your westerns, here’s a DOUBLE bargain! Prairie Rose Publications is offering two five-book collections of some of our great western novels—yes, that’s right—NOVELS—for only .99! That’s .99 PER COLLECTION—not per book.

A COWBOY’S HEART includes novels by Tanya Hanson, Beverly Wells, Gil McDonald, Sara Barnard, and Cheryl Pierson.

A COWBOY’S BRAND includes novels by Kristy McCaffrey, Gail L. Jenner, Sarah J. McNeal, Meg Mims and Livia J. Washburn

There are lots and lots of “single-sell” short stories out there to snap up, too, containing some darn fine western entertainment! So come on—jump on over to Amazon or B&N and just see want you can find for less than a dollar! These are some of the best bargains out there!

Also, stop by the PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS website to see what we've got to offer in the way of fantastic reads!


  1. You're right. There are some wonderful bargains to be had, on Amazon or via or beyond. My Kindle is already practically overflowing with great stuff. Just wish I could read as fast as I can find bargain books.

    1. Mine, too, Frank. I keep buying, thinking I'll have time, but that never does happen! LOL I know some day (or at least I HOPE someday) I will be able to just take a 'reading vacation' and catch up on some darn fine stories!

  2. A gift to readers and those who love the West in all its glory. Doris

  3. Well, so little time, so many books, as someone once said, Doris--so true. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because there are a ton of excellent .99 reads out there, but these are some wonderful bargains.