Tuesday, February 22, 2022


 Post by Doris McCraw

writing as Angela Raines

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We love the Western Genre. I will say, although perhaps not as popular an idea, the Western, like Romance is a broad category. 

As some of you know I am hoping to post quarterly marketing tips on my personal blog. The thing about marketing, other than being time-consuming and a pain, is you need to know your audience.  Does your audience like action/adventure? Perhaps it's historical, or maybe weird? The thing is, what kind of Westerns do you read? What kind do you write?

I know most of my works have a redemption quality to them. There is also that sense of trying to make it fit into the history of the area and time I'm writing about. Plus, -insert growl here- I've been placed in the 'sweet romance' genre. I may not always get too violent in my work, but sweet? Oh well, it sells and keeps the royalty checks coming. 

Photo property of the author

As I move into 2022 I hope to define not only my sub-genres but the sub-genres each of you write in. It is amazing how knowing where you fit in and who your audience is can help. 

In the meantime, it's writing, editing, and reading as many books by Western Fictioneers members as I can. Supporting others is a big part of who I've always been. The more the word gets out, the better it can be. 

Here's to the Western and all the sub-genres it is composed of. Long live the stories of our history, even those that are fiction.

Doris McCraw


  1. Dori,

    "Long live the stories of our history, even those that are fiction": wonderfully put!

    Thank you,
    John Porter

  2. Very well said, Doris--the sub-genres that make up the western "genre" can be very different, and their fans different, too. I'll be interested in your explorations of the wide variety of writings that fit into the western bucket.

    1. It's a study that I hope will help authors get their work into the hands of the people who will love their work. Doris

  3. Doris,

    You do a lot of hard work for others, including myself. Thank you for posting so many author interviews, and always promoting Western Fictioneers and Western Authors.

    You do so much for others, and I (we) acknowledge that. If only the rest of us had such fortitude...

    Charlie Steel

    1. Thank you, Charlie. Believe me, it is my pleasure. I love the Western and the people who bring those stories to life. It's my sharing that love with the world that keeps me going. Doris