Sunday, April 10, 2022

'Zeke' Ziemann: A Love For the Old West

 It has taken me some time to get back into the swing of the interviews.  I apologize in advance to 'Zeke' for the delay. Much like the cowboys we all love, here is a man of few words. Instead, he uses them in the stories he tells. 

From the author's Amazon Author Page

* What decided you to start writing for publication

                My love of Old West History

Do you like to write short or longer stories?

               I prefer short stories 

* Do you write for the market or yourself? 


What life experiences influenced your writing?  

                I have loved Western Movies since my youth


Where did you get the idea for your latest release? 

                Doing research on the history of cattle drives. 

                Title:  Alex, Hank, and Hawk, Cowboys, Gunmen and Road Agents

* Is there a writing routine you follow or do you write when the muse strikes?  

                Most often I write in the evening after my wife is in bed and I am in my office with my dog Duke.

* Is there anything else you feel people would like to know or would be surprised to learn about you?  

                I am a retired mathematics teacher and basketball coach, then a financial planner, and finally the Compliance Supervisor for the Wall Street Firm of an Arizona Office

* Do you write in other genres? 

                Not yet, considering “Baseball history”

Research, do you find it important? 

                Absolutely  I am fussy about the correct historical setting for my stories.

What advice would you give to those who dream of writing, or what advice would you give your younger self? 

                Just START.  Start when you get “That Feeling that someone will enjoy your story,"                  Elmore Leonard. my favorite writer

Have you considered writing a series, either by yourself or with a group?

                 Yes, I am now in the process. of writing a sequel to my book Alex, Hank, and Hawk, Cowboys Gunmen and Road Agents.

Thank you for the insight into your writing life. Wishing you the best with the new series.  For more information about 'Zeke', below are some additional links.

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  1. Thank you, Doris and Zeke. I smiled when I read about your dog Duke. Hondo is lying beside me now. Good company!


  2. Lowell Zeke Ziemann,

    Short and to the point.

    Like Elmore Leonard, may you sell millions of books.

    Charlie Steel

  3. Thanks Doris & Zeke! Good interview -- I love getting to know our writers & see how they got started.

  4. Zeke's love for the old west is apparent in his development of characters and the historical attention to detail of the period he writes about. These traits made him a great teacher and a very successful basketball coach.