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Sgt. James W. Bell - 33rd Iowa Infantry

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James Warren Bell was a Sergeant with Company F of the 33rd Iowa Infantry. He served from 1862-1865.

He was born April 28, 1833, in Indiana, near Williamsport in Warren County. His family appeared to be farmers. however, by 1859 when he married Martha Linn, in Steady Run, Keokuk County, Iowas, he was still engaged in farming. 

James Bell & Wife Martha
photo from Find A Grave

When the war began he enlisted as a corporal, although married, on 13 August 1862 and mustered in on September 2, that same year. He mustered out on June 10, 1865, in Fort Gaines, Alabama. 

After the war, James, Martha, and their family started moving westward. In 1880 they were living in Luka, Pratt County, Kansas. James was working as a carpenter. By 1885 the Bells were living in Colorado Springs where James continued working as a carpenter. 

The town of Colorado Springs, founded in 1871, was growing, so James was probably kept busy. His wife, Martha, died in 1892. James passed in 1893. 

The couple had two daughters: Lulu Bell, born in 1866, and Annie Bell, born in 1868. Lulu married Dr. William Sinton in 1885. Annie married Gordon Merrick, who was seven years her junior. 

James died, according to the news report in Chicago, Illinois while attending the Columbia Exposition with his daughter Lulu and her husband William.

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    1. Thank you. These stories are becoming special to me. Doris