Wednesday, October 5, 2022

New Release — Over Western Trails Edited by Richard Prosch


The crack of the whip! The pounding of hooves! The Thunder of stagecoach wheels! It’s all here in 15 tales of old west adventure edited by Richard Prosch and written by the following authors:

Terry Alexander — J.D. Arnold — Dennis Doty — J.L. Guin — J.E.S. Hays — Gail Heath — Jackson Lowry — Jeffrey J. Mariotte — Edward Massey — Terrence McCauley — Von McKee — Cheryl Pierson — James Reasoner — Charlie Steel — Benjamin Thomas — Big Jim Williams, with an introduction by Doris Gardner-McCraw President, Western Fictioneers.

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  1. I appreciate being included as one of the authors in OVER WESTERN TRAILS. A big thanks to Richard Prosch for all his editing work. And always a big thanks to Livia. --Big Jim Williams

  2. Congratulations! Best wishes for all your work.

  3. I'm thrilled to be included in this collection! Many thanks to Livia for all the hard work she's put in on this and to Rich for getting the wheels rolling and keeping it on track. LOTS of good reading here!