Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ranger Jim's Ramblings for February

Okay, even by New  England standards, this winter, which started late, has turned into a rough one, with no end in sight, even though spring is only 39 days away. So I'm putting up a summertime swimming picture of me and Yank.

Also, I've got to apologize this will be the extent of my posting for this month. I had eyelid surgery a week and a half ago, all went well, no pain at all and the procedure was a complete success, but until I see the surgeon tomorrow for a followup I'm supposed to limit my time on the computer. So, my only words this month are keep warm thoughts and get rid of this doggone snow already.

Until the Ides of March

"Ranger" Jim


  1. Loved the photo and glad the surgery was a success. So sorry you're having such a tough winter so I won't talk about the 60 degree weather we are having here in Colorado. (Smile) for I know my friend in Boston is having a really tough winter. Doris

  2. Hope all heals well, Jim! Thanks for a "warming" picture. We're having a good warm spell here in Oklahoma right now, but that will change in the next few days according to the forecast.

  3. We usually get a January thaw but not this year. Winter started late and now it shows no intention of leaving.

  4. Keep warm and keep healing, Jim. Not long until Spring.