Thursday, July 4, 2013


It's the Fourth of July--one of my very favorite holidays. Probably because, when I was younger and birthdays didn't really count except as something to look forward to, I knew mine wasn't far behind this holiday. Dad and I always planned a trip to the fireworks store just outside of town on Highway 9, (they were still legal in those days for individuals inside the city limits) and I think he looked forward to that trip as much as I did. Sparklers, Roman candles,fountains, Black Cat firecrackers, bottle rockets...lots of simple stuff. Even the little colored balls you could light and make colored smoke with were fascinating. We'd usually make a trip to my grandparents' house and gather with all the cousins, aunts and uncles. There'd be 2 or 3 hand cranked ice cream makers going, each with a packing quilt on top and a young child sitting on it to keep it steadied. In the summer darkness, we'd pool our fireworks and sit on quilts while the men shot the fireworks off safely. Now that was a great childhood memory!

A lot of years have passed since then. I'm getting older, and more forgetful. I forgot to give away our "FOLLOWERS" prize in May! So since we are starting our big JULY FOURTH SALE here at WESTERN FICTIONEERS, let's kick it off with the prize for May, TROY SMITH'S LINES OF BLUE AND GRAY. This prize will go to:

PATRICK G. WHALEN!  Congratulations, Patrick! If you will contact me at I will see that you and Troy make connections for you to claim your fantastic prize! This is one excellent book!

Since June has come and gone, I want to offer a copy of my latest release, KANE'S CHANCE, for the lucky June "FOLLOWER" The winner of KANE'S CHANCE is:
Congratulations, Rick, and please contact me at to claim your prize! I hope you enjoy it!

We give away a prize to one of our blog followers each month, so be sure to follow if you don't already, and let others know. It just might be your lucky day!

The Western Fictioneers have a lot going on and we want to share the highlights with you, as well as a great sale on some of our work for your summer reading.

The West of the Big River series has taken off with a bang. There are three volumes in the series so far, with James Reasoner's THE LAWMAN being the first, followed by THE AVENGING ANGEL by Michael Newton. The latest release in this series is Jackson Lowry's book about Charles M. Russell, entitled THE ARTIST. Author Kit Prate has some glowing words about this story! Take a look. Be sure you check out all of the volumes in this wonderful series!

West of the Big River:
The Lawman
The Avenging Angel
The Artist

Another fantastic series from the Western Fictioneers authors is the Wolf Creek collection. Wolf Creek, KS is a fictional town in post-Civil War Kansas, populated by citizens who fought in the War on both sides. Lots of tension, even though it's been six years since the War ended. The series is a collaborative effort, and as an added bonus, includes the first volume of supporting short stories about some of the town's citizens. Books 1-5 are written by "Ford Fargo", the pen name of the six authors who are participating in that particular book--and this changes with each new volume. New characters are introduced and old characters show up from time to time to give the stories a seamless feel as the reader gets to know the characters, but these stories are full of surprises and lots of action. To get you started, Wolf Creek Book 1: BLOODY TRAIL, will be on sale starting today for only .99! Now you can't beat a bargain like that, and you're sure to want the rest of the stories to round out your collection while you wait for the next one!

In addition, there are several more short stories and books available for .99 to help you enjoy your summer and keep you reading! Happy Independence Day! We'd love to hear some of your Independence Day memories, if you have a minute to comment. Be sure to take advantage of this fantastic sale, and stay safe this holiday!

Below are links for Amazon for short stories and novels that are only 99 cents. (Double check they are still 99 cents.  This is the price they were when I made up the list. Enjoy, Livia J. Washburn)

Cheryl Pierson                                            Troy D. Smith
 Wayne D Dundee

 Frank Roderus

 Matthew Pizzolato

Clay More

Robert J. Randisi

Ed Gorman

Kit Prate

 Jory Sherman            Livia Reasoner      Peter Brandvold

 Matthew P. Mayo        L.J. Martin     James Reasoner

Chuck Tyrell                                          Bill Crider
James J. Griffin

Frank Roderus

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  1. Lots of great reads here! We're on vacation in West Virginia and I just got to a place where I've got internet stability and can check the blog. This looks great Livia! Thanks for finishing it up and getting it posted. Here's to MANY sales. Y'all be sure to share your sales on FB when you buy anything--it's great free advertising for all of us!