Sunday, June 1, 2014

Announcing the Winners of the 2014 Peacemaker Awards

Western Fictioneers is proud to announce the winners of the 2014 Peacemaker Awards for excellence in Western fiction.

Best Western Novel: THE HARDEST RIDE, Gordon Rottman (Taliesin Publishing)

Best First Western Novel: MUNDY'S LAW, Monty McCord (Five Star Publishing)

Best Independently Published Western Novel: SONGBIRD, Bill Crider writing as Colby Jackson

Best Western Short Fiction: "Charlie's Pie", Livia J. Washburn, WISHING FOR A COWBOY (Prairie Rose Publications)

This year's Lifetime Achievement Peacemaker Award goes to best-selling author Frank Roderus. In addition to his many critically acclaimed novels, Frank was also the first president of Western Fictioneers and helped mold the organization into what it is today.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists, and as my final act as awards chair, I'd like to thank all the authors, editors, and publishers who submitted books and stories to the competition, as well as the judges for all their hard work in determining the results. The Peacemaker Awards have grown every year of their existence, and I look forward to them continuing to do so.

Western Fictioneers (WF) was formed in 2010 by Robert J. Randisi, James Reasoner, Frank Roderus, and other professional Western writers, to preserve, honor, and promote traditional Western writing in the 21st century. Entries were accepted in both print and electronic forms. The Peacemaker Awards will be given out annually. Submissions will be open in July, 2014 for stories and novels published in 2014. Submission guidelines will be posted on the WF web site in July. For more information about Western Fictioneers (WF) please visit:


  1. Many congratulations to Gordo, Monty, Bill, Livia and Frank. And well done to James and all the judges.


  2. Congratulations to the Peacemakers. As one of the judges, I can say it was a tough job. And those that won, won from amongst a field of winners. Well done, all who entered.


  3. Well deserved congrats to all- and especially Frank Roderus, one of the titans of our genre.

  4. Congratulations to the Peacemakers.
    Very impressive.

  5. Congratulations to one and all, well deserved. Also to all the nominee's for making this a great year to read. Doris

  6. BIG CONGRATULATIONS, lady and gents! There's some mighty fine western writing going on these days.

    James and judges, y'all surmounted a monumental task with grace and aplomb. My Stetson is off to all of y'all, as well. :-)

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  8. As one of the judges, it was a tough decision. Congratulations to a sterling group.

  9. CONGRATS to all the winners!!!

  10. Congratulations, one and all! Such an honor to win a Peacemaker! You all are the cream of the crop!