Monday, February 18, 2013

Now Available- The Peacemakers, Vol. 2!

A few months ago Western Fictioneers released an ebook short -The Peacemakers -that included (for a mere 99 cents!) four past finalists for WF's Peacemaker Award for Best Short Story.

All four of those tales had originally appeared in our anthology, The Traditional West. The stories were:

"The Sin of Eli" by Troy D. Smith (last year's Peacemaker winner)
"The Death of Delgado" by Rod Miller (last year's Spur winner)
"The Way of the West" by Larry J. Martin
"Panhandle Freight" by L. J. Washburn

We are proud to announce that a second volume of past award finalists is now available, to be followed soon by a third.

This volume includes:

"This Old Star" by Wayne Dundee (the first-ever Peacemaker winner for Best Short story)
"Plantin' Season" by Johnny D. Boggs
"Stay of Execution" by Lucia St. Clair Robson
"Blackwell's Run" by Troy D. Smith

And coming soon... Volume 3!

Check out volume one HERE

...and volume two HERE..


  1. Troy, these all look fantastic. There goes my book budget...AGAIN. LOL I love these collections--it's a great way to get a sample of many excellent authors' writing. Wonderful covers, too, btw!

  2. Special thanks to the authors and their publishers for working with us!

  3. Great job getting these Troy. Looks wonderful.