Friday, November 8, 2013


An interesting fact about my genealogy.
My great-great-grandfather on my mother’s side, Benjamin Franklin Stewart, had three wives (at the same time). He was in the first group of Mormon pioneers who came to Utah with Brigham Young in 1847, but stayed behind to run a ferry across the Platte River where Casper, Wyoming, is today, so he did not arrive at the shores of the Great Salt Lake until September.

The favorite car I ever owned.
Unlike most American males, I was born without an automobile gene. I don’t care a whit about cars as long as they run. So, on that basis, I guess our current conveyance, a 2003 Toyota Camry, is my favorite. We bought it used from Enterprise Rent-a-Car and it’s just about to turn over 200,000 miles and hasn’t given us ten minutes of trouble in all that time. Not too exciting, I know.

My favorite food.
Potatoes. No matter how you cook them, they’re tasty—fried, baked, roasted, boiled, mashed, hash browns, home fries, french fries, scalloped, au gratin, chips…. You can’t hardly screw up a potato. Besides, they’re cheap. And good for you.

My favorite song.
I like lots of music. But one of the best songs ever is “Faded Love” by Bob Wills. His recordings of it are great. Unfortunately, the two most famous versions—by Patsy Cline and Ray Price—are too slow, turning it into a dirge. The best of all is a duet by Lyle Lovett and Shawn Colvin on an Asleep at the Wheel album. It swings like Western Swing is supposed to.

The words are beautifully written: “I miss you, darling, more and more everyday /
As Heaven would miss the stars above” with its subtle simile makes the faded love affair sound otherworldly. “As I think of the past and all the pleasures we had / As I watch the mating of the doves” is euphemistically magnificent. And, “It was in the spring time that you said goodbye” is just so sad—more heart wrenching, somehow, that getting dumped in November.

Something you may not know about me.
I won the trophy for Fitting & Showmanship of pigs at the Utah State Junior Livestock Show in 1970. (And I may have had a hangover at the time.)

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  1. Fascinating. You are a man of many parts, Rod. Besides which you are tall, lean and lanky. At least you read that way!

  2. Fascinating Friday Five, Rod. The factoids I found most fun were the possibility your great-great-grandfather hit the trifecta of matrimony … the enviable endurance of the Toyota Camry … and for making an alcohol-infused - but victorious - appearance at the Utah State Fair. Thanks for helping kick-start a Friday morning with a chuckle.

  3. Rod, I love your Friday Five. It's always fun getting to know our writing friends in a different light.

    I'm a huge fan of potatoes, too, because of all the different ways (as you say) they can be prepared!

    Thanks for writing up a Friday Five and giving us a chuckle this morning!


  4. Enjoyed the post Rod. I really liked Gallows for a Gunman. Any more on the horizon.

  5. Interesting stuff, Rod. You think you know a guy...
    I'm telling folks about COLD AS THE CLAY. Great story. My mom just finished reading it to my dad. They are impressed that I know the likes of you.

  6. Envious of your car and loved the story of your ancestors. These posts are gold for folks. It makes what you write more fascinating. Doris

  7. Thanks to all who read and enjoyed my Friday Five. It is a pleasure to associate with such a wonderful bunch of folks. It's all downhill from here....