Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Western Trail Blazer Day

Troy D. Smith

A few months ago, I decided to post a blog meant to be a tribute to Rebecca J. Vickery, founder and publisher of Western Trail Blazer and other imprints. Becca has been a great help to many western authors just starting out, and just as great a help for more established ones who were ready to expand their ventures into the world of digital publishing. I had no difficulty finding several Western Fictioneers members eager to sing her praises- you can read it HERE.

Since that blog was such a success, and since Western Trail Blazer is a patron, or "deputy", member of Western Fictioneers, I scheduled a monthly day to either highlight one of WTB's authors or talk about their new releases (hint: patron membership is available to other publishers and related professionals, as well.)

That date has rolled around again, but this time there are some changes to Western Trail Blazer I thought folks should be aware of. Becca has been suffering some serious health problems for awhile now, and it has impacted her ability to run the business the way she would like. She has very reluctantly decided to relinquish the reins of her western imprint, and focus her attention on her other publishing ventures instead. This was a terribly hard decision for her to make -WTB is her baby.

Beginning January 1, my wife Robin and I will be assuming the publishing duties at Western Trail Blazer. We will endeavor to maintain the proud tradition Rebecca (and her tireless associate Laura Shinn) began, working closely with authors to provide the finest in western novels and short stories to readers around the world. Over the next few months we will be making the transition with those WTB authors who choose to remain with us, and those who have submissions pending. Meanwhile, we will be accepting new submissions as well.

And as always, my hat is off to Rebecca, my favorite trail blazer.


  1. Rebecca is someone special who has worn so many hats to make WTB a success while helping fuel the growth of the Western audience. Hats off to you and Robin, Troy, for accepting the reins. Members of the WTB family can breathe a sigh of relief because the franchise is in capable hands.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Rebecca. It was a great thing she has done for not only the writers, but readers of this wonderful genre. Thank you and Robin for keeping the momentum going. Doris

  3. I've known Rebecca from "back in the day" when we were both authors. Rebecca has been a wonderful friend and cheerleader through the years, and I was so thrilled when she went into the publishing business. There was no one I'd rather have publishing my books, and I can't say enough how much I appreciate her in that capacity, but also as a dear friend. I know that she must have been so very glad to have someone like you and Robin, Troy, to take the reins of WESTERN TRAIL BLAZER--someone she could trust to do a fantastic job with her "baby" and keep it going. I'm very happy you all are going to do it, too, since I have so many books and short stories with WTB. I am certain that this puts Becca's mind at ease, and that is worth a LOT.

  4. Troy, Condolences to Rebecca. Health issues can be a nuisance. We all face them at some point.
    With your capable hands at the helm, I believe Rebecca can rest assured of continued success. I don't know how you do it, with all the other things going on, but I am impressed and happy for you and Robin.

  5. CONGRATS on another new adventure to you and Robin, Troy, and may God heal Rebecca. Best wishes to you all!