Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wolf Creek 8: Night of the Assassins

I know I'm a little prejudiced, being the editor of this series, but I think most people who follow it would agree with me: Wolf Creek just keeps getting better and better.

Several people have told me they think Night of the Assassins is one of the best ones yet- that's hard to gauge, but it is definitely the most different story we've told so far.

Here's the official description:

"Wolf Creek, Kansas, is not peaceful on a good day –but things really escalate when Tsu Chiao, owner of the Red Chamber, decides to edge out his competitors in the seedy part of town with the aid of Tong assassins sent from San Francisco. All-out war ensues, with peaceful Chinese citizens like the Li family caught in the middle. Can the lawmen of Wolf Creek hold the town together in the shadow of a threat they have never faced before?"

In this volume we learn a lot about the Chinese inhabitants of our fictional town- and there are some huge surprises. You don't want to miss it!

And if you've been eagerly awaiting more Wolf Creek adventures -due to some scheduling surprises, our two-part Christmas anthology will be out next week. After that, we'll give you a break till January -you'll need it, because these are some exciting tales.

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  1. Troy, I have loved every single one of the Wolf Creek stories! This one is very different, and really had some surprises--but then, they all do. I'm really enjoying being part of the Wolf Creek series, and can't say enough how glad I am that you came up with it in the first place.

  2. I may be behind but keep 'em comin' Doris

  3. Without giving too much away, I have to say Charlie Whipple has written for Night of the Assassins one of the most powerful and moving scenes between a man and his horse (Ben Tolliver and Cholla) that I have ever read. Charlie truly got into the minds and emotions of a man who loves his horse, and took Ben's character even further. His chapter literally brought tears to my eyes.

    That's not to lessen the contributions of the other authors one bit. (Disclaimer: I wrote Chapter One). Some will agree with me, others will have their own personal favorites in the Wolf Creek series, but I think Night of the Assassins is probably the best volume yet. It certainly has the most surprises.

    Jim Griffin

  4. Thank you for the comment, Jim. You, of course, were the inspiration for the Ben/Cholla segment. I had to get Keith's help to see if what I wanted to do was possible, and he said it was. Take it from there. Thanks for giving us such an indepth view of Ben Tolliver in Wolf Creek editions past. That told me what kind of man he was and how he loved his horse(s).


  5. Ben's love of horses is pretty much autobiographical, Charlie, in case you hadn't already figured that out. Unlike Ben, though, I tend to keep my shirt on. Don't want to scare the ladies and little children by going around shirtless.

    I continue to be amazed every time a new Wolf Creek comes out by how well all the contributors have come together as a team to craft such a great series.

    Jim Griffin

  6. Truly one of the best of the Wolf Creek series. I loved the story of Ben/Cholla in this book. So suspenseful - I could NOT stop reading. Great job, book 8 authors!