Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WOLF CREEK DAY: Quint Croy, by Jerry Guin

In this month's installment of WOLF CREEK DAY we take a look at our fictional town's deputy marshal, QUINT CROY, written by Jerry Guin.

Here's how Jerry describes him: "Quint is young, mid-20s, a former cowpuncher. He is a tough, no-nonsense lawman- honest and true, intrepid and not the corruptible sort. He keeps his opinions about his more freewheeling boss (Marshal Sam Gardner) to himself."

Quint is as honest and stalwart as the day is long. He keeps an eye open for the drifting gunman who killed his trail partner, which is one reason Quint stopped cowboying and took up a badge. The young deputy has developed an unexpected friendship with Asa Pepper, the sixty-year-old ex-slave who owns and operates the most dangerous saloon in town.

Quint played a large role in WOLF CREEK 3: MURDER IN DOGLEG CITY, and he and Asa will have an adventure of their own in the upcoming anthology volume, WOLF CREEK 6: HELL ON THE PRAIRIE.


Now, Jerry answers a few questions about his young deputy:

1. What is your favorite scene you’ve written so far about Quint Croy?

Quint proves his tenacity for the job of Deputy Marshal of Wolf Creek when Dab Henry confronts Quint and his questioning of Rob Parker by the following excerpt:

Dab Henry was in his office, but the door was open—he clearly overheard Quint’s questioning his bartender in the almost empty saloon.  He walked behind the bar to stand beside Rob Parker, and then directed a question to Quint.  “Why all the fuss over a dead drifter?”

Quint raised his eyes to the mayor and said, “If I was a drifter from out of town and caught a bullet, I’d want someone to be curious enough to at least find out my name and why I was shot.  Wouldn’t you want to know?”
Dab Henry looked at Quint Croy for a studied moment, and spoke softly.  “I’ve seen plenty of drifters come to town with the thought they was going to beat the house gamblers and walk away flush.  Most of them leave broke.  Hell, the man was most likely a criminal anyway, and was running from something in his past.  Somebody caught up to him and finished the job.  That’s how I see it.”
Quint smiled politely, but his eyes darkened.  “That may be true, but a man’s dead and I aim to find out who he was and why somebody killed him.”    
2. What is Quint’s biggest strength, and biggest weakness?

Quint has the ability to fearlessly meet, head on, any challenge regardless of his own safety, to protect and defend any of Wolf Creek’s citizens.  He respects the power of the law and has an ingrained belief that right will prevail.  Quint attempts to carry out his duties in a fair and honest way, which could be his biggest weakness as well.

3. What may be coming up in the future for Quint?

Quint is young but not too na├»ve.  He is no Puritan, never was.  Quint has no quarrel with a man imbibing in liquor, gambling or the affections of the saloon ladies, in fact he does so himself from time to time.   He is learning things about Wolf Creek’s citizens both good and bad, as the day’s go by.  While being in the public’s eye, Quint is exposed to the deceit of some men but has a way about him that brings out the goodness in others as well.  Quint has a close call in book 6, but proves that he is up to the job.   


  1. I love Quint because he's so righteous in a good way. He's not a "babe in the woods" but he tries to do the right thing--which might cause others to see him that way. But they don't realize he's tough enough to try to do right and still be able to sleep with a saloon girl and have a drink. He's a great character and I can't wait to see more of him!

  2. I really enjoyed Murder in Dogleg City, Jerry. And I think that Quint is an interesting and well-rounded character. My appetite is whetted for his adventure in Book 6, Hell on the Prairie.

  3. I like Quint. He's brave and moral without being too saintly. Wolf Creek is going to be a wonderful series. I'm way behind on the books, but I'll catch up. Hell on the Pairie sounds like an especially great story.
    I wish you all the best, Jerry.

  4. Thanks Cheryl, I hope Quint can live up to his billing.

  5. Yeah, Keith, I'm looking forward to that one as well.

  6. Thanks, Sarah. I'm behind on reading myself. I really like the Wolf Creek series and I believe that it will be around for a while.

  7. Quint's a wonderful character and I'm anxious to read the third Wolf Creek book (the sample on Amazon was awesome). I've only read the first two so far. Loved them both.

  8. Thanks Jacquie, All the authors of the Wolf Creek series have done a great job! I'm mighty proud of them and, of course, Troy and Livia for doing such a fine job of presenting the final product.

  9. I think od Quint as the moral center of our little town. As opposed to Ira Breedlove, who is the immoral center, and Marshal Sam Gardner, who is the amoral center. As several folks pointed out, Quint is not a saint -but unlike some of the other really good people of the town, he has not become jaded.

  10. I'm still behind on reading this awesome series! I love the idea of interacting characters written by different authors.