Sunday, June 30, 2013

Western Fictioneers Presents West of the Big River: The Artist

Before he was a world-famous Western artist, Charles M. "Charlie" Russell was a horse wrangler on a ranch in Montana during the worst winter in that state's history. The danger of freezing to death while riding for the brand isn't the only threat Russell has to face, however. A ruthless band of rustlers is sweeping the range of cattle, and a beautiful but trouble-making rancher's daughter complicates Russell's life even more. He'll need more than his artistic ability to survive this deadly winter!

THE ARTIST is the latest volume in the popular West of the Big River series from the Western Fictioneers. Acclaimed author Jackson Lowry spins as entertaining a tale as any of those from Charlie Russell himself in this superb new historical novel.


Once, Rusty tossed his burnt steak over his shoulder, a coyote ate it and got so almighty sick, the marshal rode out from town and threatened to arrest him for abusin' the wildlife.

How could you not love a book that serves up this kind of prose? It's like Mama putting a dish of strawberry shortcake on your plate, and smothering it with a dollop of fresh whipped cream topped with just the right amount of shaved sweet chocolate.

The story of Charlie Russell is full of adventure, amusing tall tales, and rich with characters who come alive on the pages and work their way into your heart. You can feel the cold of a Montana winter, as well as the camaraderie of the cowboys who fight not only nature, but a gang of cattle rustlers.

Best of all it gives considerable insight into one of the greatest artists whoever put pencil to paper portraying what the real west was like. This is a must read for anyone who loves westerns; and a magnificent addition to Western Fictioneers "West of the Big River". A five star effort for sure.

-- Kit Prate
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  1. Livia, this book looks wonderful as do all the books in this great series! I once worked at a museum that had a LOT of Russell's work and I just loved going to work every day and being able to be right there with his art. I know some things about him, but I'm anxious to read this story of Jackson Lowry's and get a better insight.

  2. I lived in Great Falls, Montana for two years and had the privilege of visiting his museum/painting studio.

    Attendance was slow that day so the curator had time to share wonderful stories about Russell and it was easy to see he was quite a man.

    Congratulations on your book. It sounds wonderful!

    Christi Corbett

  3. Great addition to the series.
    Kudos to Jackson Lowry and Livia for bringing this story to print.

  4. I love Russell's art. Some of his work is at the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art in Fort Worth.

  5. I love that 'the rest of the story' about these icons is being brought to life. This one especially jumps out at me. Doris

  6. Love Charlie Russell, so this book is a must have for my collection.

    Jim Griffin

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