Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Western Trail Blazer Spotlight: Chuck Tyrell

I first knew of Chuck Tyrell as an exciting new (to me, anyhow) writer of Black Horse Westerns. Since then I've not only gotten to know his work, but have come to consider him a good friend. I happen to think he is one of the best writers in the genre today, and eagerly await his every new work -and not just his westerns.

Chuck has a couple of new releases just in time for Christmas; added to his excellent tale in the recent Wolf Creek volume O DEADLY NIGHT, he's practically cornering the yuletide market. These tales are both about Christmas in the West, but they're very different approaches to the idea:

Be sure to check out his other books available from Western Trail Blazer:


  1. I love the Western genre but am not very fond of blood and guts. My protagonists often suffer more than the antagonists. Thanks to Troy for the opportunity to write with the Western Fictioneers team that comprises Ford Fargo. May Wolf Creek never die. Oh, and Wolf Creek Christmas and O Deadly Night are as good as you can get in Western Christmas fiction.

  2. Quality shows and yours is up there with the best. Blood and guts are okay in small doses, but it is the character driven story that has my vote every time. Thank You! Doris

  3. Been looking for a Christmas western, think I will give this one a try. I have just recently found Chuck Tyrell's stuff and have enjoyed reading his work.

  4. Chuck,

    Will have to track these stories down and give them a read.

    THE ANGEL TREE was a great short story and made O DEADLY NIGHT a better anthology.

    I look forward to reading more.


  5. Better late than never! Charlie, I always enjoy reading your stories. I love the realism--it's what makes them ring true. I really did enjoy The Angel Tree!