Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wolf Creek prepares for another eventful year

As 2013 draws to a close... 1871 draws to a close in Wolf Creek, Kansas. It's been a pretty eventful year, one might say... Boot Hill is practically more boots than hill, and undertaker Elijah Gravely has been run ragged.

I thought it might be a good idea to close out the year with a little update on our town, as several new folks have moved in.

Here is the list of authors currently writing for our series (depending on their own schedules, some more often than others) and the principal characters whose point-of-view they portray:

Bill Crider - Cora Sloane, schoolmarm
Phil Dunlap - Rattlesnake Jake, bounty hunter
Wayne D. Dundee – Seamus O’Connor, deputy marshal
James J. Griffin - Bill Torrance, owner of the livery stable
Jerry Guin - Deputy Marshal Quint Croy
Douglas Hirt - Marcus Sublette, schoolteacher and headmaster
Jackson Lowry - Wilson “Wil” Marsh, photographer
L. J. Martin - Angus “Spike” Sweeney, blacksmith
Matthew P. Mayo - Rupert "Rupe" Tingley, town drunk
Meg Mims – Phoebe Wright
Clay More - Logan Munro, town doctor
Kerry Newcomb - James Reginald de Courcey, artist with a secret
Cheryl Pierson - Derrick McCain, farmer
Matthew Pizzolato - Wesley Quaid, drifter
Robert J. Randisi - Dave Benteen, gunsmith
James Reasoner - G.W. Satterlee, county sheriff
Frank Roderus - John Hix, barber
Jacquie Rogers – Gib Norwood, dairy farmer; Abby Potter, madam
Jory Sherman – Roman Hatchett, trapper
Troy D. Smith - Charley Blackfeather, scout; Sam Gardner, town marshal
Charlie Steel – Kelly O’Brian, farmer
Chuck Tyrell - Billy Below, young cowboy; Samuel Jones, gambler
L. J. Washburn - Ira Breedlove, owner of the Wolf’s Den Saloon
Big Jim Williams – Hutch Higgins, farmer

More new folks will be coming onboard soon. As you can see, several of your favorite writers participate in our ongoing saga, which explains why it has been so well-received and why it works so well. Any Western Fictioneers member is welcome to come join us, the more the merrier! Writing together as Ford Fargo, each chapter of every book is by a different author, showcasing his or her character.

If you are new to the series, or if our output has outpaced your free reading time, here are the books we've released so far:

Book 1        Bloody Trail
Book 2        Kiowa Vengeance
Book 3        Murder in Dogleg City
Book 4        The Taylor County War
Book 5        Showdown at Demon’s Drop
Book 6        Hell on the Prairie
Book 7        The Quick and the Dying
Book 8        Night of the Assassins
Book 9        A Wolf Creek Christmas
Book 10      O Deadly Night

Coming soon in 2014- Book 11: Stand Proud, and Book 12: The Dead of Winter.

Also coming soon, we'll be releasing paperback editions called Wolf Creek Chronicles, each of which will reprint five short novels... the first should be available very soon.

We have some surprises in store for 2014- er, 1872, so check us out!


  1. Troy,

    Serious and exciting stuff! As I said before, I predict in the future, interest by the television and movie media in the Wolf Creek series.

    Not to mention, a growing interest in the books themselves, as digital and book format. This huge output cannot but help create a kind of renaissance of the western book. With this growing number of published books, it cannot help but lead to an interest in Western Fictioneers, and its members.

    This is not to mention the challenge your leadership and Livia Reasoner's gives to writers, to reach for writing projects they may have never written on their own. Thus increasing everyone's writing accomplishments.

    Thank you for offering all of us this membership and writing opportunity.

    Charlie Steel

  2. We're mighty glad to have you on the team, Charlie.

  3. Troy, sorry I'm so late chiming in -- I was away for Thanksgiving and just got back yesterday so I'm still catching up.

    I am really enjoying these Wolf Creek stories, both the collaborations and the short stories. Since it was just Thanksgiving, I'll say I'm thankful that you thought of this idea. I believe this is a real gamechanger in western readership, and I know it's really given me a lot of great ideas because of the novelty of the shared world.

  4. It's a privilege to be included with this group of authors, that's for sure. And I have to say, writing for this series is downright fun. Let 'er rip!

    You've done an incredible job, Troy. The plots are interesting, the characters are rich, and reading these books is a joy. Thanks to Livia, too.

  5. Every episode brings new and exciting adventures. Cheers to Troy and Livia for providing writers a chance in making the whole series possible. I'm hooked.

  6. I'll add my thanks to Troy and Livia for all the hard work and leadership with all of the WF ventures. Wolf Creek has certainly been one of the most fun projects I've ever worked on. Great to work with other writers, too, instead of the usual solitary endeavour.

  7. Quality shows and the creativity magnificent. Readers of the series are the ones who are lucky and thank you all for the great work you provide to those who thirst for great Western stories. Doris

  8. It is a challenge and an honor to be part of Ford Fargo and Wolf Creek. I must point out, however, that you left Brandy (Mary Wakefield) out of the cast of characters. She was so helpful in the O Deadly Night anthology story of The Angel Tree that she definitely deserves to be in the cast. Looking forward to 2014 and backward to 1872.