Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's a new year in Wolf Creek...

Well, we have successfully rung in the new year- here in the real world, and in our fictional town of Wolf Creek, Kansas. For us it's now 2014- for them it is 1872, and some big things are on the horizon. We're a month or so away from the next installment of our series, so I wanted to take this space to whet your appetites for the year to come.

I'm going to start with the closing words of our most recent volume, O DEADLY NIGHT- which was the second of a two-part Christmas anthology. In the final scene of the final story (not to give anything away), town marshal Samuel Horace Gardner and plucky Scottish physician Dr. Logan Munro run into each other at the cemetery, both of them there to bid farewell to citizens who shuffled off this mortal coil in the previous year (shuffled, or were pushed, hard.)

“I’m glad you’ve agreed to see reason,” Munro said cheerfully. He produced a bottle from beneath his own thick robe. “I have just a touch of the old Glenlivit here,” he said. “Finest Scotch in the world. I had planned to have one final toast to the good people who have left us –but there is enough left for us both to send them off appropriately.”
“Then by all means, let’s have at it.”
Munro lifted the bottle. “May God’s peace and mercy go with you all, dear souls. We’ve wander’d mony a weary fit sin’ auld lang syne.”
“Damn straight,” Sam said.
Munro took a deep draught, then handed it to the marshal, who drank the rest and handed the bottle back to the doctor. They sat awhile in silence.
“And here’s to 1872,” Sam said at length. “It has got to be a more peaceful year in Wolf Creek than the last one has been.”
“Amen to that,” Doctor Munro said.
They both knew it was not very likely. 

And so do we, dear reader! Logan is a fine doctor, but Wolf Creek is still a very dangerous place to live.

Here are some of the titles we have in store for you in the coming months...

Book 11:  Stand Proud

             Evil cattle baron Andrew Rogers makes a play to take over the all-black (exoduster) town of Matthias.

Book 12: The Dead of Winter

              Wolf Creek's lawmen have grown tired of Rogers' legal maneuverings...

Book 13: Massacre! 

              Nuff said.

Book 14: War Stories

              Everyone's favorite psychopathic Wild West barber likes to collect war stories from his customers, But you'd better not tell the wrong one...

Book 15: Luck of the Draw

              Wolf Creek is hosting a huge poker tournament. How could THAT go wrong...?

Book 16: The Comanchero Trail

               Miss Abby and several of her girls are captured by Stone Knife, and traded away to comancheros in Texas... but not for long, if their friends from Wolf Creek have anything to do with it.

And that's just the beginning! Stick around, you ain't seen nothin' yet.




  1. Six books in 2014! Definitely looking forward to reading them all. You do a fantastic job as head wrangler, Troy!

  2. Looks like Samuel Jones, Billy Below, and Brandy Wakefield are in for their share of adventures.

  3. Better late than never, Troy! I'm here! I'm in awe--I bow to you, oh HEAD WRANGLER! Looking forward to 2014, for sure--Wolf Creek's always a hoppin' place to be.

  4. What a great year of some wonderful stories ahead. Yeah. Doris