Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Western Fictioneers Library --Three Fantastic Western Reprints


From acclaimed author Ed Gorman and the Western Fictioneers Library comes this powerful collection of Western stories, many of which have never been reprinted. This volume includes the stories "Dead Man's Gun", "Pards", "The Old Ways", "The Face", "Gunslinger", "Guild and the Indian Woman", "Mainwaring's Gift", "Blood Truth", "Dance Girl", and the article "Writing the Modern Western". Gorman's unforgettable stories feature fine writing, compelling characters, and an undeniable sense of authenticity and realism. You can feel the cold, smell saddle leather and gunsmoke, mourn along with the tragedy-haunted men and women who populate Ed Gorman's West. Read DEAD MAN'S GUN and see why Ed Gorman is one of today's most honored Western authors.

FINDING NEVADA by Frank Roderus

Frank Roderus's critically acclaimed, award-winning Harrison Wilke trilogy comes to a rousing conclusion in FINDING NEVADA, which finds reluctant hero Harrison embroiled in a dispute over a potentially valuable gold mine. From Denver's high society to the rough-and-tumble mining camp of Goldfield, Nevada, Harrison has to navigate a treacherous path that includes murder, action, and romance. The Western Fictioneers Library presents another classic traditional Western novel from one of the most popular authors of our time! The order of this trilogy is Leaving Kansas, Reaching Colorado, then Finding Nevada.

GUN FOR HIRE by Jory Sherman

A fortune in gold dust, two beautiful women, a pair of deadly bushwhackers gunning for him, a dangerous blizzard, an avalanche, and an unknown plotter masterminding murder and robbery . . . These are just some of the things Clay Brand has to deal with when he signs on to guard gold shipments coming down from the mining country in California's San Bernardino Mountains. But before Clay can get to the bottom of the violence plaguing the mountains, he'll have to shoot straight and fast and escape the unexpected menace of a lynch mob!  Available again for the first time in more than thirty years, GUN FOR HIRE is the first Western ever written by acclaimed author and poet Jory Sherman, who has been honored with lifetime achievement awards from both Western Fictioneers and Western Writers of America. It's a classic action-packed novel filled with suspense and also includes a new introduction by the author written especially for this volume in the Western Fictioneers Library. 

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  1. These sound great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These all look like wonderful stories. Time to get out there and snap them up! Great covers, too, Livia!

  3. Three heavyweights in the ring at the same time. All winners. How can an audience lose?

  4. Many thanks to the Fictioneers for bringing yet anther amazing group of stories out and making the available to a new group of readers.