Monday, May 6, 2013

West of the Big River The Lawman Review and More

West of the Big River is an exciting new series by the members of Western Fictioneers. These traditional novels feature real people and places in history.


It's no secret to most of us that James Reasoner is a fine writer, especially when he's penning traditional Westerns. THE LAWMAN will only add to his already sterling reputation. Based on the life of Deputy United States Marshal Bill Tilghman, this is an action-packed novel, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages until the last word is read. I neglected finishing the rest of my next short story once I started to read THE LAWMAN. Didn't get to bed on time, either, and I really can't afford to miss much sleep. That's how engrossing this book is. THE LAWMAN is another star in the firmament of James Reasoner's work. Get yourself a copy. I highly and enthusiastically recommend THE LAWMAN.

--Jim Griffin
Coming soon:

Award-winning author Michael Newton spins an action-packed, historically accurate yarn in THE AVENGING ANGEL, another exciting adventure west of the big river to be published May 29th.

THE AVENGING ANGEL is a novel based on the life of Orrin Porter Rockwell, religious enforcer, and Deputy United States Marshal.

Michael Newton has published 263 books since 1977, with 19 more scheduled for release from various houses through 2014. His work includes 200 novels (published under his own name and various pen names), plus 82 nonfiction books in the fields of true crime, history and cryptozoology. His history of the Florida Ku Klux Klan (THE INVISIBLE EMPIRE, University Press of Florida) won the Florida Historical Society's Rembert Patrick Award as Best Book in Florida History for 2002. In 2006 the American Library Association chose his ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CRYPTOZOOLOGY (McFarland Publishing) as one of the years 12 Outstanding Reference Books. His novel MANHUNT (written as "Lyle Brandt" for Berkley Books) won the Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award for Best Western Novel in 2010. Newton lives in Indiana with his wife, Heather. Visit him on Facebook or through his Web site at


  1. This whole new series looks good. I look forward to reading both of these -and work on my own contribution to the series as my summer project.

  2. Wow, I am really excited about this new series. Like Troy, I'm looking forward to reading both of these and workin on my own story during the summer months.

  3. I especially love that the stories of these historic persons are getting their stories told for they are so richly deserved. Doris

  4. I've read a lot of James Reasoner books and those under the name of Lyle Brandt as well.
    Two of my favorite authors. Looking forward to reading both. I really like the covers too!

  5. I've already read The Lawman... great book. Looking forward to the rest. My contribution to the series is done, and in the capable hands of Livia and friends for editing.

    Jim Griffin

  6. I've never had the pleasure of reading a James Reasoner book, but they look very exciting. Great covers, too.