Saturday, March 2, 2013


Welcome to Six-Sentence Saturday!

Today I am highlighting a story from The Peacemakers, volume 2, and will be giving away a pdf copy of the book to one lucky person who comments today.

The tale is "Blackwell's Run"... one of my Blackwell short stories published by Western Trail Blazer, which was honored (and I was very honored) as a finalist in last year's Peacemaker Awards competition. This story, by the way, will also appear in a WTB collection of Backwell stories due out later this year (the first, I hope, of many.)

The set-up: Sergeant Max Blackwell's commanding officer, Lt. Jacobs, has gone certifiably nuts and has delusions of grandeur. This is especially unfortunate in that it occurs in hostile Sioux territory, and the lieutenant is madly leading them into certain death. Blackwell and his subordinates realize that their only choice is mutiny...

“You can not stop God's will, Sergeant. Like Lucifer, you can only succeed in delaying it. And then you will be cast into hell.”

The other soldiers were also on the ground now, clustered behind their sergeant. Ledbetter aimed his carbine at Jacobs.

“If we're cast into hell, you lunatic,” he snarled, “you’ll be there waitin' for us.”

And what happens next....? You'll just have to read it and find out!

Check out all three volumes of THE PEACEMAKERS:



  1. Already have my copy in my Kindle queue, Troy. Thanks for the tease. Itchin' to read the rest.

  2. Oh, you can bet I will be reading this one, for sure--I love the Blackwells! That was a great six sentences, Troy!

  3. Excellent. This was a great story and I believed the psychological disintegration. It was very well done indeed.

  4. Haven't read the story yet, but - from the six sentences - it sounds like the makings of a western Caine Mutiny, Troy. Stories that involve a challenge to authority are always great fun to read --especially when the person in charge is psychologically twisted.

  5. Mutiny is complicated. I can hear those little steel balls rolling in the lunatic s hand right now. I haven't read this book, but from the premise and the six sentences, I sure want to.
    All the best to your corner of the universe, Troy.

  6. First, congratulations on the story being a finalist. Second, what a great six lines. More for the reading list I am compiling by reading this blog.

  7. Sounds like a fun, good ol' western read.

  8. Renaissance Women, you're our winner! Email me at !